Near-death experience (my true story)

So let’s go back to 1982, where I was, submerged and invisible, my lungs burning before being forced to take a breath.

I was terrified and panicked, not knowing what to do.

And then (finally) my Dad fished me out.


And there was no way I was going near the water again. Any water.

So I didn’t die in the murky depths that night (obviously).

But my adventurous nature and passionate zest for life did.

And that was a tragedy.

I’d made a few huge generalizations. All to keep me safe. But as I’d find out as I grew up, they didn’t help. In fact, they made things worse.

You don’t have to almost die to develop crippling fears.

In fact, most fears grow from small events. But they all have the same devastating effect. Here’s what happened to me:

Living on an island in the South Pacific, a lot of activities revolve around the water. It’s a part of our way of life. So eventually I was forced to go back in the water. But I never put my head under.

And that prevented me from learning to swim (cue teasing).

My Dad, an avid water-sporting guy, did everything he could to get me to put my head under. And he eventually succeeded when I was 11. I gained a lot of confidence from that, and became a competitive swimmer for the next 8 years.

I had conquered my fear. Right? Wrong!

Becoming a swimmer was great, but it was a ‘brute-force’ solution to the fear problem.

I was a mess. I didn’t realize that fear could hide and have such a huge effect on every area of life. Instead of being afraid of the water, I was now afraid of living life!

I wound up wasting thousands of dollars on therapy, courses, and remedies trying to ‘fix’ it. Nothing helped.

Then I found the process…

… and everything changed.

When I first used this method I’m going to share with you, it showed me that I had held my breath to save my life that night… and I’d been holding it, figuratively and literally, ever since.

Chest openingUnderwater, breathing is not so healthy 😉 But up here on land, it’s the best thing ever.

So, I did the process, and let go of my fear.

All the muscles that had been constricting my chest opened up and relaxed. I could breathe!

My confidence in myself exploded, and I began to really experience joy in my life. I was breathing not just oxygen, but life itself.

And that was after one session! I’ve done it many more times since, on other fears, and each time, they have nicely dissolved.

Your fears might have nothing to do with the water, you might not even know what your fears are — you don’t have to know for this to work its wonders. In fact it’s probably better if you don’t know.

Each fear, when dissolved, will have a different effect on your life. When a blockage is removed, the flow just comes back naturally, and without effort.

Fears steal your unlimited potential and condemn you to a life without joy

If you feel like you’re being held back in any way, if you’re not living up to your potential, the silent and hidden culprit is fear.

If you have fear, and everybody does, large or small, it is sucking the juice out of your life.

It’s the voice telling you, “you can’t.” It even resorts to belittling you, (“you’re not good enough!”) in its attempt to ‘keep you safe.’

It’s all the negative feelings keeping you ‘safely’ in your comfort zone, and preventing you from achieving all the things you want to do in life.

The ‘fear app’ still runs in your mental operating system, but you are not the powerless child you were when you created the fear. And it’s time to do something about it.

Seize your birthright, and eliminate the fear patterns.

Simply do this process with me and remove the unconscious fear that focuses your mind on auto-pilot.

When you do that, you’ll find yourself automatically having more fun, going after things you never thought possible, and really experiencing the joy of life.

Here’s what a few of my clients have said about the process:

But I’m quite attached to my fears!

What happens after the process removes my fear?

Well, that’s the real ‘scary’ part! 😉

What happens when someone gets a cast off from a broken elbow? There’s a little stiffness as they start to utilize the newly freed joint. The range of motion returns, and soon enough they’re using their arm again. It strengthens and the cast and constraint becomes a distant memory.

Having deep-rooted fears since childhood is like wearing a full-body cast your whole life. When it is removed things are going to feel different!

You will begin to use that extra freedom and power that has been hidden all this time

Okay. Enough talk, let’s do this!

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